My documents (2016) explores the immateriality of archiving in the Post-Internet milieu. Physical photographs, documents, letters and postcards have been replaced with files that are fragile and easily prone to becoming corrupted, lost, or wiped from our hard drives.


In the past, digital storage was scarce and it usually contained information that was particularly important. However, nowadays we have so much storage space which is so affordable that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. We find ourselves often losing or unable to locate our files as our filing system becomes overloaded and haphazard.


ellen.gif is exploring the tension between immateriality and materiality when preserving our digital memory, through printing out the contents of her external hard drives. In doing so, she has provided the file name of each file to further emphasize the oscillation of our documents and the constant need to update our programs to preserve our precious memories.


My documents was exhibited at Gaffa Gallery as part of Rheology, curated by Elyse Goldfinch.




Images: Document Photography