Digital data is vulnerable. Previous software versions can no longer be

opened. Facebook’s “On This Day” recalls your highly curated memories

for you. Our lives are constantly being recorded for future reference,

however, how much of this is properly archived?


Like most millennials, ellen.gif was brought up on early Web 2.0, a period

where Neopets were alive, chat rooms were booming and angsty MSN

display names were omnipresent. Like many tweens, ellen.gif created

websites on Matmice, an Australian version of Geocities, which since has

closed down. ellen.gif’s Wayback Machine (2018) is a video collage of the

artist’s archive, sourced from the Wayback Machine: a digital archive of the

World Wide Web, created by The Internet Archive in 2001.


ellen.gif is scrapbooking her online coming of age by presenting screenshots,

Microsoft paint drawings, glitter graphics and online conversations. Here, ellen.gif is probing the question on whether such digital/physical data is worth archiving, or if it is better discarded.


ellen.gif's Wayback Machine was exhibited as part of YOLKS at The Bearded Tit, Australia.